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Post-natal Catering
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nlike most western countries, many other cultures regard the 30 days after delivery of a baby as a crucial period for mother and baby, especially for Mom. This period is often referred to as the "confinement period". Mom is supposed to recuperate and her diet to consist of highly nutritious food during this thirty days. The Chinese especially, believe that Mom must take lots of ginger and herbs to help expel the "wind" in her body and regain her vitality and beauty.

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If you love cooking, or if you've had experience caring for post-natal women, then you could start this business from your home. You would generally need to know recipes specially for mothers after birth. You'll cook the dishes and have it delivered to their homes daily. You'll ask mom what her favorite dishes are and generally gauge her likes and dislikes. Then you'll adjust your cooking to suit Mom. It's important that you use only the freshest ingredients to prepare her meals. Your clients are paying you to cook healthy meals for Mom.

This isn't a business that's will give you a full time income unless you're operating over a large area or you've invested substantially in marketing your services. There will be slow months and there will be months when you have multiple clients to serve. The year 2000 was a particularly busy month for this business. It was the Chinese year of the Dragon - an auspicious year for couples to have babies - and many did!

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