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Raw Food Supplies
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ost people don't give much thought to the amount of preparation that goes into the meal that they're enjoying at their favorite restaurant or cafe. Meat has to be cleaned and sliced, chicken has to be de-skinned and de-boned, vegetables have to be cut and sliced meticulously. A hundred and one processes may need to take place before that chicken steak is served to the customer!

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Do you love going to the market and are you someone who's organized and meticulous? Can you take pressure and work to deadlines? Here's an opportunity that's not glamorous, involves hard work, can be messy, but many people will pay you to do it for them. You will basically supply restaurants and caterers with cleaned and cut vegetables and meat. You'll need to get your supplies wholesale from the market or farmers. You don't want to go through a middleman because they would already have added their mark-up which translates to higher costs for you. Then you'll need to clean and cut the vegetables, fish, chicken and meat according to your customers' specifications. You'll need to invest in quality refrigerators and refrigerator trucks to store and transport your products to your customers.

This business will succeed if you are prompt in delivering to your customers while maintaining freshness. If you can do that, your customers save a lot in labour and wastage costs. Reliability is also an issue. Restaurants run 7 days a week, so there's no such thing as an off day. This means you'll ideally have a partner or family member helping you out. You'll want to have a wide network of alternate suppliers in case your regular source has problems delivering. All in all, it's a great business if you have a large family that can pitch in to help!

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