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Titbits / Candy Store
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here's this street in Klang, Malaysia that's just beside a school. The houses there look just like ordinary homes, but every school day at 1.00 pm and 6.00 pm, these houses transform into titbits/candy stores in the blink of an eye! The owners of these homes have capitalized on the fact that the school is quite some distance from the nearest shop and that everyday when school's over, thousands of kids will literally be looking for something to munch. They have racks of prepacked titbits and candy ready in one corner of their home, so when it's time for the kids to come out of school, they'll roll their racks out to the front porch, open their front gates, and voila... they're open for business!

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You'll need to check with your local health and housing authorities about any laws that prohibit this kind of business. If there aren't, then it's a great way to make an extra few dollars everyday. Of course, location is the very essence of this business. You want to be located in an area near schools or colleges. You can get your supplies wholesale and re-pack them into smaller packs. Then just wait for the final bell to ring and you've got instant customers!

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