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or many people, weddings and private parties would not be complete without a bar serving drinks. People love to sit, have a drink or two and a friendly chat - and who better to have a chat with than the friendly bartender. Starting a bartending service can be a fun and profitable way to spend your weekends.

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Most bartenders learn the trade while waiting on tables or attending bartending classes. You'll need the basic equipment and your handy recipe book to start off. Other than that, a good listening ear and friendly disposition helps. Most of the time, your clients will arrange to have the beverages ready for you and your staff. You'll need to know a basic repertoire of drinks and cocktails, although most bartending schools teach hundreds of recipes.

You've got to know the "professional ethics" of the trade and know when to politely decline a customer who's had one too many. It's important to remember though, that they're adults and you are just there to provide a service. Being attractive can be a plus when it comes to getting jobs, but it can also be a minus when customers get too friendly, especially if you're a lady bartender. This is part and parcel of the bartending trade and you'll learn how to nicely deflect customers advances when they happen without offending anyone. At the end of the day, about the only thing you'll be high on is probably the smell of money well earned!

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