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n many countries, home catering is a must for working couples who do not have the time to cook. They find it more convenient and cost efficient to have a caterer deliver their dinner to their home on a daily basis. Before you think of starting this business though, you'll need to check with your local health, safety and zoning laws to see if this business is permitted in your area. Some countries have very strict regulations about selling home cooked food.

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This is a great business with practically zero start-up cost and high profit that you can run from your home. You'll only incur costs if you have a customer. When a customer confirms they'd like you to cater their dinner, they'll need to pay in advance for the month. Then it's just like cooking for another member of your family. Your customer could pick up their meal from your home or you could deliver to their home. If you deliver, you might want to charge a delivery fee.

If you're a good cook, that's a great start. After all, this business IS about food and everybody loves tasty food. Just being a great cook won't guarantee success in this business though. Depending on your location, you might face stiff competition from lots of home caterers, so good communication and customer relation skills are a must. People will feel more comfortable knowing the person who's cooking for them. In time, this can be a lasting business relationship and it will feel as if you're cooking for family and not customers. Of course, if will only feel like you're cooking for family if you have a handful of customers. Once that number exceeds five or ten, then you'll really feel that you're actually running a business!

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