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Coffee / Tea Salon
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offee used to be a beverage you drank to wake you up before going off to work. In most countries, the simple cuppa still costs a few cents. When people grew more sophisticated, so did the humble cup of coffee or tea. These days, a cup or coffee or tea in a posh cafe can cost you anywhere up to ten dollars! The basic ingredient is still the same - the good ol' coffee bean - and although it has evolved into a multi-flavored beverage, the profit margin for a cuppa is very nice indeed.

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So... are you someone who knows the difference between a great and average cup of coffee? Do you have retail experience? Are you a people person? Do you like chatting over a cup of coffee? No need to answer. Running a Coffee/Tea bar will be a fun and profitable business for you. People these days look for more than just coffee. They're looking for a place they can relax and have a chat while enjoying a good cup of coffee. If they like your place, they'll keep coming back.

If you've got a creative streak in you and you like experimenting, then create your own unique beverages and give them your own names. If they're any good, you can charge a high markup and make a good deal of money. Word tends to get around quickly and people will soon start raving about your house beverages. You could make every weekend talent nite where your customers can do their own thing on stage - maybe sing, dance or recite poetry. This will draw a lot of artistic people to your Coffee Salon. This business will brew a whole pot of money for you.

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