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Cooking Class
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ith the rising costs of food these days, many people are opting to eat more at home. It's great if they know how to cook, but if they don't, the simplest omelette can be a major operation! As time goes on and their families grow, they find they need to improve and maybe add baking to their repertoire of skills. For many, learning to cook is about gaining a new skill to better themselves.

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If you're a great cook, have good communication skills and you love to mix with people, you could try your hand at teaching a cooking class. You'll need to have a wide knowledge of the different styles of cooking. To start off, you could run this in the comfort of your own kitchen - if you don't mind having people in your home. You'll need to be organized and prepare in advance for your class. Even though you are running the class in your home, you'll want to maintain a level of professionalism and you don't want interuptions like phone calls and relatives popping by your place... so you'll need to make sure class time is kept strictly for that.

If running the class at home is not practical, then you could contact your local colleges or community centres about the possibility of using one of their rooms - for a fee of course. If you do it this way, then your investment could be subtantial because you'll need an extra set of equipment that you can transport to your class. You don't want to have to lug around your own kitchen equipment everytime you have a class, and lug it back again! Another option would be to contact any colleges near your area that conduct cooking classes and offer your services. You'll need to market your classes with flyers, banners, notices, posters and maybe an ad in your local classifieds. Conduction a series of cooking classes based on a theme may be a good way to get people interested. You could come up with series that include Asian Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Deserts, Cakes etc.

This business can open doors to many opportunities if you're good. You never know... one of your students might just be a publisher who asks you to write a cookbook or a TV producer who asks you go be a guest in a cooking show. You might just end up a celebrity chef! Don't underestimate your skills and your popularity!

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