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Organic / Home-grown Vegetables
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s industrialization advanced economies, the number of family-owned farms began to dwindle rapidly. Many people these days remember that vegetables tasted cleaner and fresher years ago, when polution and over-use of pesticides and chemicals weren't a problem. While people enjoy many of the luxuries of modern times, they still have a basic yearning for home-grown produce.

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If you have green thumbs, love working outdoors and you have a plot of land available, then you could be an Organic Farmer, producing home-grown vegetables. You'll sell your produce to the markets or homes near your area. If you have a large enough plot of land and your output is substantial, then you might want to consider supplying the local hypermarkets, where turnover is high. Try to get a contract to supply to restaurants and caterers. They're always in need of vegetables and if they find your home-grown vegetables to be of high quality, it becomes a selling point to them. People are much more health-conscious now and are particular in what goes into the production of their food.

Depending on what your goal is, this business can be as small or big as you want it to be. Confining your "farm" to a large garden can easily bring you good weekend income. Whatever you choose, this is a good business to make money and help keep people healthy.
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