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Restaurant owner
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veryone agrees - the food business is the best because how good or bad the economy is, people will always need to eat! It's become a cliche really, but if you look at the actual statistics, it's also one of the toughest businesses to survive in. It takes more than just good food to make a great restaurant. But when you do, survive, and succeed at it, the rewards or restaurant ownership can be beyond anything you ever dreamt was possible.

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A whole list of factors actually contribute to the success or failure of a restaurant. Among those factors that top the list at the food and service quality, location, marketing and competition. You could have the best steak in town but if your service isn't up to scratch or your restaurant is dirty, people aren't going to pay you a return visit. Many restaurant owners know this - if customers aren't happy, they're not going to tell you; they just won't come again and worse still, they WILL tell their family and friends NOT to go to your restaurant. So... you're probably thinking ...you can't read your customers minds, how in the world are you going to know if they're not happy? Simple... here's where your people and public relations skills come in. As the restaurant owner, you've got to mingle with your customers. Have a friendly chat. Always probe for their feedback. Always be open to criticism and change and always be generous. Give discounts to a family you've grown familiar with. When a customer makes a complaint, thank them and go out of your way to make things up to them. They may still not return, but at least they'll leave knowing that you did your very best to make things right.

Running a restaurant requires long hours, patience and business savvy. You've got to do your homework and make sure you've got the right location and you're making efforts to get to know your clientele. Running a restaurant is as much about serving great hospitality as it is about serving great food. When people feel comfortable dining at your restaurant, you'll see them coming back time and time again, always with business clients, relatives or friends. After all, people love to show off the fact that they're such chums with the owner of a great restaurant! And you'll be smiling all the way to the bank!

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