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Network Consultant
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veryday when people go to work and they switch on their computers, they rarely give thought to how their data travels from one computer to another hundreds of miles away! If your could strip the walls, flooring and ceiling panels, you'd see a "mangled mess" of cables - the lifeline of computer networks. A simple network of one or two computers may not require specialized skills to set up and maintain, but imagine tens or hundreds of computers connected to each other, sharing printers, faxes and servers. An untrained person wouldn't know the first thing to do to set up such a network.

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Most Network Consultants start out in IT support, learning and troubleshooting small networks at first and as they gain experience, they work their way up to larger and more complex systems. They are responsible for designing and implementing computer networks for their clients. The ultimate goal is to have a streamlined network that allows optimum utilization of resources from printers to storage devices. Constant training is a necessary part of this business. As a Network Consultant, you will need to know the latest developments in your field. Consultants who are responsible for large networks where critical amounts of data are handled, are often on-call 24 hours a day. Any problem related to the network must be attended to immediately. It's a huge responsibility but an equally huge paycheck comes with that responsibility. Most LAN Consultants live and breathe IT anyway so most of the time they just love being tackling anything related to networks. After all, they know that they're building a large network of income!

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