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Stress Management Counsellor
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here was a time when life was easy-going. Employment-for-life was a common thing and people didn't have to worry too much about deadlines, profit margins and sales figures. In our parents' time, travelling around meant taking the bus or walking. There was no such thing as bumper-to-bumper traffic! Life was simple. Today, with economies going through roller coaster loops and turns, people worry about their jobs, how much money they're making, the sales figures, weekly meetings - thousands of things that literally make them sick.

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Companies around the world are facing bankruptcy and they have no choise but to slash their work force. Increasing financial pressures put a strain on families and threaten to break them up. With a shrinking work force comes multi-tasking, a term we never heard of before, where one person is required to handle more than one job (usually its three or more). All this creates stress. Studies have shown that productivity is literally halved when workers are under stress.

People under stress are prone to making mistakes. Mistakes cost money. As a Stress Management Counsellor, you would be hired by companies who need to help their staff manage their stress or you could be approached by people in general who need help with that problem. You would preferably have a background in psychology or working with stress related problems. Your job isn't just all talk. It will probably include many creative (perhaps unorthodox) ways to relieve stress. Mental and physical exercises will be part of your arsenal of methods to calm your clients. At the end of the day, you'll be relaxing all the way to the bank.

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