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Apartment Preparation / Cleaning
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ental businesses from apartments to hotels and motels need to have their living spaces cleaned between client stays. When it comes to apartments and homes (unless the apartment management has full-time staff to look into this) your services will be required when a tenant moves out and before another moves in. It can be very time consuming to make the necessary minor repairs and clean the apartment from top to bottom, but it's necessary if the owner wants to maintain the rental rate. After all, if the apartment or home looks like it's run down, potential tenants aren't going to consider moving in let alone pay the requested rent rate.

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If you make your services known to real-estate agencies and apartment blocks, then you could potentially be very busy the whole year through. What you want to do is target high tenant turnover areas like tourist spots and holiday resorts. Even in the hotel and motel business, you can find contracts for cleaning during the low seasons when they may not want to maintain full-time workers.

This is a great money making opportunity for someone who loves cleaning. You'll always find yourself in different places all the time. When tenants compliment the owner or management about how pleasant it's been moving in without having to do the dirty job of cleaning themselves, you'll be sure to have lots of repeat business.

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