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Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning
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nter most homes and businesses and you'll most likely find carpets and fine sofas in their walkways and living areas. It's a nice thing to have but as any home owner will tell you, accidents and spills do occur and when they do, chances are they'll leave spots and stains. Even at a modest estimate of one stain a month, at the end of the year, that's going to be a dozen stains that make up one unsightly mess. It's difficult for businesses to maintain a professional image when all their clients remember are sitting on a dirty stained sofa!

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Armed with stain removing solutions and equipment, a sharp eye and detailed workmanship, you'll zap out the stains from your client's carpets and sofas, leaving them looking brand new and smelling fresh. You could rent the necessary equipment, but it's best that you make the investment and purchase your own. That way, you're armed and ready at a moment's notice when your clients call you.

Clients will give you repeat business when they see their favorite carpets and sofas restored to it's pristine condition. That's money in your pockets!

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