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wning a home is everybody's dream. For existing home-owners with the necessary cash on hand, they're constantly remodelling their homes with extensions, porches, patios and even swimming pools. These days, people are even renovating their homes for "better" feng shui! Upgraded and renovated homes appreciate tremendously in value. There's also a need for restoration and damage-repair work for homes that have been damaged by natural disasters, storms and even lightening.

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If you have a background in construction, engineering or architecture, you could venture into this lucrative trade. There's lots of competition though, so you need to be very competitive in your pricing but still maintain quality. Your service and creativity will help add to you competitive edge.

You'll have to give customers a price and time estimate upfront. A lot of these contracts specify that you will get paid less if you do not complete the job on time. You also have to pay for your materials upfront, so you have to make sure that the people you work for will really pay you when you are done – otherwise it may cost you money to work.

That is why many construction companies ask for a hefty deposit up front. Eventually most of your business will come from referrals by satisfied clients. This business literally lets you make money the old fashioned "brick and mortar" way!

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