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Woodwork Restorer
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ven in today's avant-garde world with all it's ultra-modern furniture, people are still in love with traditional furniture and antiques, delighting in their natural beauty. As more and more people look for antique furniture for their homes and business premises, there is a growing need for services that restore old furniture and woodwork, bringing them back to life.

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You need to have a love for furniture, antique woodwork and an eye for detail to start a Furniture Refinishing and Restoring business. You'll likely have experience in carpentry or furniture making or woodwork. Clients will come to you to restore their faded looking furniture and with your skills, you will make them look great again. You may get requests to create furniture or woodwork to suit your client's homes or businesses.

People who approach you will already understand the value of their antiques and will not mind paying good money for you to do a good restoration job. With each piece of furniture that you restore to its original beautiful state, you will build a reputation as a great refinisher, keeping you busy with a different piece of furniture every day. A great way to preserve the beauty of long-ago and make lots of money in the process!

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