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Security Specialist
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n the borderless world of the Internet, security is always an issue. More so, with people doing transactions via the World Wide Web, like banking, e-commerce transactions, data storage, etc. There exists today, a new breed of criminal - hackers, people who find ways into a secured computer system. Most hackers start out hacking into systems or planting computer viruses simply to prove that they can do it, causing harmless mischief, but then they "graduate" to more sophisticated crimes like illegal fund transfers and data manipulation.

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Your role as a Computer Security Specialist is to ensure the integrity of your client's computer systems. You will be well versed with the latest software, hardware and security measures to ensure your client's servers and network are hack-proof. You will be someone who lives and breathes computers. Part of your job will include alerting your clients about the latest and potentially damaging computer viruses, and their means of transmission.

Many Computer Security Specialists are so good at their job that they are retained on a contract basis by their clients, especially if their business involves sensitive data that must be kept secured. For the elite, this is a job that you can freelance at, although you may need to be available round-the-clock if necessary when there is a potential threat to your client's systems. If you are as good as you market yourself, you will command very high fees.

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