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Handyman Network
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very home eventually needs minor repairs and touch-ups. Things break aroung the house at the most unexpected times. This is especially so if you have kids running around the house, doing their wonderfully important kid stuff! The hinge that starts off squeking eventually drops off. The tap with the little drip suddenly becomes a full-blown gush. Ah! the pleasures of home ownership. So what you people do when all these needs looking into? If they're handy with a hammer and screwdriver, they could fix the problem themselves but chances are, they won't know how to do it, so in you come as a Handyman or a DIY referrer.

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This is a great job for someone who's retired, loves to fix stuff and is fit and energetic. People always need handymen. It's a great way to make money while keeping busy, not to mention the exercise it gives you. But you'll soon find that when business picks up, you just can't be everywhere at the same time. Taking your business one step further, you could build a network of skilled handymen just like yourself or hire extra hands. You want to have specialists in this network - people with different specialized skills so that you'll be able to handle any type of work when a customer calls.

When you've set up your network, in addition to your regular DIY jobs, you will be acting as a broker, matching the correct handyman to the type of task. Depending on your set up, you'll receive a fee for every job that you pass on to your network or if it's your own worker handling the job, then you'll be making the money yourself. You might not make that much per job, but once you get a good reputation as the person who gets needed work done you will become very popular.

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