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icely trimmed lawns. Beautifully shaped bushes. Not a leaf out of place. Not a weed in sight. We all love owning and looking at beautiful lawns, but it takes a lot of time and resources to keep it that way. Home owners who take pride in their homes will often be willing to pay to maintain their lawns and gardens.

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If you enjoy being outdoors, working with plants and flowers, you could easily make extra cash just by taking care of other people's lawns and gardens. Finding clients isn't really a problem because there are just so many home owners who are too busy to take care of their lawns. Tell tale signs are lawns that have gone a long time without a trim and bushes that are growing out of control. Depending on the type of plants that your client has, you need to schedule one or two visits (maybe more) per week, to make sure the bushes are trimmed, the leaves raked, the grass cut, the flower beds maintained and fertilized. Doing it this way, it's possible to fit in multiple clients in your schedule per week. You'll need some form or transport (perhaps a van) to carry your equipment from home to home.

When your clients' neighbours see their absolutely gorgeous gardens, they'll be asking for you too soon. You could hire extra hands if business picks up, especially during the summer. It's a great way to keep active and fit and still get paid for doing what you love!

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