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Pool Cleaning Service
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wimming pools in homes are often a status symbol, an indication that the home owner is successful, rich or famous. While it's a nice thing to have a pool, cleaning and maintaining it is something everybody would prefer to avoid. This is where you come in. You can build a thriving business by offering to clean or repair pools for owners who are too busy – or too lazy – to do it themselves.

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This is a luxury service, so it’s best if you’re located in an area chock full of affluent families. And, unless you have a winter job (or can afford to vacation during the colder months), it helps to locate your business in Sun Belt states, where pools are common and are used almost year-round.

If you choose to operate only during the summer months, this could be an ideal sideline for seasonal workers. However if you live in somewhere that's sunny almost all year round, then this could be a full-time business for you. There probably won't be many competitors in this line so the money is there for the taking.

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