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Pest Control
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ho likes having a house full of bugs? They're real pests! Most of the little guys can be gotten rid of with your regular bug spray but when it becomes a chronic problem, you're going to need the help of a professional.

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Most people don't grow up hoping to be the Bug Man - a Pest Control Specialist. Somehow though, if you find you have a liking for dealing with bugs you've got an edge over most people. Being a Pest Control Specialist means you're in a business that's not exactly teeming with competition. You'll need to be comfortable crawling around in dark damp places, dark musty basements and attics and other places where these fellas breed. Since you'll be dealing with poisons and toxins almost everyday, you'll need to understand chemicals and handle them with care so you don't hurt anyone.

Still, anything that can wipe out insect life is not going to be that healthy for humans who are surrounded by it all day every day. You will need to understand the chemicals very well and be careful when you handle them so that you don’t hurt yourself or you clients. If you can put up with the poisons and the grungy working environment you should be able to provide yourself with a steady income and be able to live anywhere in the country that you want to set down roots. Your "pest" skills will be needed anywhere, anytime.

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