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ith the advent of the Internet, millions of people have begun to seek ways to make money online. All sorts of websites have that sell a service or product have an affiliate program. An affiliate basically functions as an online sales promoter for their sponsors. They place banners or text links promoting their sponsor's products on their own websites. Affiliates may be paid based on the actual sales or number of visitors they bring to their sponsor's website. Many affiliate programs are free to join but some require you to be a paid member.

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From the sponsor's point of view, imagine having legions of affiliates around the world who drive traffic to your website! If they have twenty thousand affiliates who each drive five visitors to their site a day, that's a hundred thousand visitors a day - imagine the sales potential! Even if each month 1% of these visitors end up buying a product, that's a thousand sales! For the affiliates, what better way to earn money from your already popular website than to recommend a product that your visitors may need? The ad you place on your website works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! You would be earning money even while you sleep!

How much money you make as an affiliate marketer depends very much on how much traffic your website gets, the quality of the affiliate program and how much effort you put into marketing their product. It sounds like the perfect business - just put a link on you website and wait for people to buy from your sponsors, and collect your commision. The Internet is peppered with stories of affiliate marketers who make five-figure incomes promoting their sponsors products. There's no reason why you can't be one of these success stories!

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