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Web Games Developer
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ne of the most popular categories of websites in the world today are Games websites. People just love to play computer games. For many enthusiasts, online games are an obsession and they spend a lot of money downloading the latest games from the Internet. Games development is a multi-million dollar business that's highly competitive.

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If you're a gamer and you love programming, this could be a lucrative business for you. Most game programmers gradually develop their skills over a number of years, creating small, simple games and gradually building on them. There are training centers and universities that offer games development courses to train people on the techniques and intricacies of programming games. As a Game Developer, you will spend your hours researching popular games and developing your own programs. You could approach the various computer games production companies to sell them your ideas or prototypes or you could go all the way and do the marketing and sales yourself. It would be difficult to go solo though, because this is a business where even the best games can have a short life-span before it's replaced by another. You will need to get financial backing to futher develop your game(s) and to market and distribute your product.

If you leverage on the power of the Internet, you basically have to place your product on a server and allow people to download a trial version of the game which will expire after a pre-set timeframe. If the game is a good as you market it to be, then you won't have to worry because people will be pay good money to buy the full-version. This is a great money maker for the really talented games developer who loves the challenge of making his best game even better.

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