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Bulletin Board / Forum Owner
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eople love to chat and they love to hang out in online forums to learn about their areas of interest or simply to air their views. There are thousands of online bulletin boards and forums for just about every subject you can think of. All it takes is a little searching and you'll find an online community that's interested in the same things you are.

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So how is running a Bulletin Board / Forum going to make you any money? Well, for one thing, when you attract thousands of visitors a day to your forum, chances are you're going to attract like-minded business owners. Say for instance, your forum caters to web designers. Your forum will then be the perfect place to advertise web related products or services like web hosting, web design templates and web design software. If your forum attracts large enough numbers, you can approach businesses to advertise on your forum for a fee. This is targetted marketing, because people who visit your forum have one interest in mind - web design, and your sponsors ads are all web related. The likelihood of them clicking on your sponsor's ads are significantly higher than if you were running a generic website. When your forum gains a reputation for good content, then you will easily attracts visitors in search of information.

There are many free software that allows you to set up a forum on your website. While it takes very little effort to set up a basic forum, when it becomes large and has a sizeable membership, you will require a team to administer the forum. These are specialists who have the expertise to answer specific questions related to your forum and handle the backend issues. Every email that you send out to your members can also carry text links to your sponsors. How you decide to make money on your forum is up to you, but the options available to you are wide - all it takes is creativity and web-smarts!

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