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Media Conversion
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n the late seventies and eighties, video and audio cassete tapes were the preferred medium for recording music and videos. They were the cheapest medium at that time although the tape itself was flimsy and prone to damage by heat and humidity. When compact discs came into the scene, it quickly caught on as the new medium for data storage, music and movies. Many people still hold on to their audio and video tapes which are sometimes nearly twenty years old! These people represent the main market for your Media Conversion business.

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Your media conversion service will convert your customers' old audio and video tapes to compact dics or computer storage media. You can easily run this business from your home. Your equipment will basically consist of video or cassete players, a computer that will have the necessary video capture hardware and the software to perform any editing that may be required. This is a nice business you can run in your spare time, even setting the machines to work overnight while you sleep. You probably won't make tons of money running this business unless you include other services like music and video editing. To enhance your business, you might want to get to know your local video rental or computer stores. They may be able to pass business your way. You could also try to get contracts with libraries, colleges and training academies. They usually have lots of material in the old format that could be upgraded with your skills.

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