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Domain Names Trader
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hat do people do when they want to find something on the Internet? If they wanted to find out about Sony TVs, they would type in "Sony" and "TV". The search engine will then display a list of web pages that relate to "Sony TV". Chances are, www.sony.com would come out tops in that list. Imagine now, if Sony did not own the domain name "www.sony.com" but you did. There would literally be millions of visitors who would arrive at your site! That would ultimately benefit you in terms of traffic and it would certainly hurt Sony.

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When people set up a website, they want a domain name that's easy to remember and describes their website. An example would be www.cars.com. Now the problem is that many people have stumbled onto this idea and have started buying any domain name that they think would be popular - like makemoney.com, cheapcomputers.com, onlinemoney.com etc. When people try to apply for these domain names, they find that it's already been taken. They then have the option of either approaching the owner of that domain name to buy over the domain, or to search for another domain name. If the company has the money to pump in, and they really want that domain name, they would make the owner of the domain name an attractive offer. That's basically the gist of Domain Names Trading.

As a domain names trader, you would basically do a search on the Internet for popular terms and buy domain names related to the exact term or combinations of the words in that term. When someone wants a domain name that you own, they will contact you with an offer. Imagine registering a domain name for ten dollars and selling it for a thousand! That's a pretty huge profit margin. To make any real money in this business means having the funds to buy a subtantial number of domain names. Think about it - what if you had bought the domain www.microsoft.com before it became what it is today...

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