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Online Services Provider
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eople basically surf the Internet to find information. This could be anything from currency exchange to stock market quotes. People turn to the Internet to find what they're looking for because it's fast and it's convenient.

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As an online services provider, you would basically provide a service that people require. Let's say you're a wiz with words. You could set up an online dictionary. People who need to look up a word could use your site and find the information they need. To compete with the other service providers, you would need to be different - maybe your search will include popular phrases and websites that relate to the word searched for. A popular specialty online dictionary is www.rhymezone.com. This website searches for words that rhyme with the word the user keys in.

When you have a winning service, people will keep coming back to use your service. Depending on your setup and how you plan to finance your business, you could either charge a membership fee to use your service or provide the service for free and source for advertisers who are willing to advertise on your site. What service you plan to provide is totally up to you, your background and expertise. Be prepared for huge amounts of traffic if you're providing a much needed service. This will involve substantial investment in equipment and staff, but will translate to higher revenue via membership fees or advertisements.

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