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Google Adsense Program
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ne of the best and easiest way to monetize your website today is the Google Adsense program. Even websites that are drawing very limited traffic have reported that they are earning at least some money every month from this program. The Google Adsense and Adwords programs work hand in hand. Business and website owners basically pay Google to have their ads displayed on Adsense participants' websites.

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When you apply and are succesfully accepted into the Adsense program, you will be given a piece of code that you need to place in your web pages. When people visit these web pages, the code will display text or visual ads from Google. The beauty of this system is that the ads displayed will be based on the content of your web page. Say for instance, that your web page is about heart ailments. The ads displayed will be related to heart ailments or are health related. When your visitors, click on any of these ads, you will be paid a commission anywhere from a few cents to as much as tens of dollars. Since the ads displayed are related to your content, the probability of visitors clicking them is relatively high.

Once again, to increase your earnings in this program, you've got to have lots of traffic that will translate to a higher number of clicks on the ads. Optimizing your web pages for higher ranking on search engine results is also important. Since your content determines what ads are displayed, you'll want to make sure your content is focussed on your target topic. A web page that talks about too many topics will draw a list of ads that are loosely related and may not prompt your visitor to click on them. To learn more about and apply to join the Google Adsense program, go to www.google.com/adsense.

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