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Internet Researcher
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or many businesses and individuals, information plays a crucial part in their daily operation. With the enormous amount of research to be done, few actually have the time or resources to do it themselves. They would rather pay a Research Specialist to research their topics of choice.

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To be an Online Internet Researcher, you will need to be someone who's detailed. You will love reading because of the amount of material you will have to sift through to get the facts that your clients need. Having the ability to speed-read would definitely help. You will also know how to use search engines and be familiar with websites that help you find your material. Many people are still not Internet savvy and while they may be vaguely aware that they can get information on the World Wide Web, they are not skilled at search techniques. Rather than search through dusty old manuals in the library, why not offer your services to them?

Speed and accuracy will be expected of you. Many times, you will be required to summarize the content you have gathered. You'll need good written communication skills for this. After being in this business for a while, you will naturally develop and categorize your own archive of useful information which you can re-use for other assignments. This will help cut down the time needed for you next job. Pretty soon you'll be a walking library yourself and people will come to you whenever they need information!

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