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Animal Broker
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btaining animals for zoos, displays and private collections is usually done through an animal broker. An animal broker will have a network of sources where the required species of animal can be found, be they wild animals or animals that are bred for export.

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If you have a love for wildlife and would like to work to increase the public's appreciation of animals, then you could well operate as an Animal Broker. With the alarming increase in wildlife smuggling and animal-carried diseases, it's imperative that you get all the necessary clearance from your local government about the import of animals into the country. You'll also need to insist on the same from your supplier, making sure that the animals have been certified free from disease and have not been obtained illegally.

The internet will be a valuable resource for you as you build a database of animal suppliers. You'll need to check out these suppliers and ensure that they are registered businesses with their local governments before you get in touch with them. Depending on the company that has engaged you to locate the animals, you may be required to handle the actual transportation of the animals. If you are operating purely as a broker, then your job ends as soon as you connect the buyer and the seller, and they have agreed to make a deal.

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