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Animal Trainer
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nimal trainers can specialize in a number of areas from training pets to obey simple commands to doing critical tasks. Training an animal isn't simply about getting a dog to sit, beg and roll over. There are many tasks that animals can perform to help their human owners on a daily basis.

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Police dogs are trained to locate drugs. Sight-dogs are trained to assist the blind. Hearing-dogs are trained to alert its owner of sounds. And the list goes on and it doesn't stop at just dogs. For many people, life would be truly difficult without their trained companions. Animals are also trained to perform "stunts" for commercials and movies. There are even movies that revolve around these talented pets!

If you're someone who loves and "communicates" well with animals, then you might have a bright future as an animal trainer. Unless you have experience training animals, you'll probably find that this isn't a skill you can learn just by jumping in and doing it! Many trainers have spent years as an apprentice before they actually strike out on their own. There are of course, those that gradually grew into this profession, working with their family's and friend's pets. Perhaps you and your pet have a special rapport and you've worked out some tricks. You could take it from there and develop more tricks or work with different pets.

The rewards are obvious. People will pay good money for their pets to be properly trained. Even if you don't make the big bucks training animals for starring roles in movies, you would be making life that much easier for the blind and deaf. When you gain a reputation as an animal trainer, you will be in the company of a select few. These are people who can command a high fee for their animal training skills.

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