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Animal Feed Dealer
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nimals, like people need proper nourishment to remain healthy for their roles, be it for the eggs they produce or they milk they supply everyday. Their nourishment comes from proper feed selection.

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When you are an Animal Feed Dealer / Broker, you will be supplying farms with the feed that they require for their animals. You'd be sort of a nutrition expert as far as animal feed is concerned and you'll advise your customers on the best types of feed available from cows to chickens. You'll know what to feed the animals to produce more milk, larger eggs or simply for the animals to look better. Obviously you will be expected to have medications for animals that can be mixed in together with their feed as well.

You'll need a large area for this business because your products will be turning over at a quick pace. An unused barn or garage would suffice for a start but you may quickly find the need for a full-sized warehouse if business picks up! If you're internet-savvy, you could even set up an online store where customers could place orders. You then ship out the orders to them according to the specified date.

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