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Fish Breeder
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ave you ever been to homes where they had aquariums or ponds and admired the fish that swam in them? In many Asian countries, people believe that having an aquarium or pond in the home is good for luck and this luck is enhanced by the fish that are swimming in the water. Some species of this fish command a premium price of up to thousands of dollars.

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If you're someone who loves fish, especially those that reportedly bring luck to its owners (like Koi or Arowana) then you could be a very rich man breeding these fish. This is a business with it's own risks. A lot of factors go into breeding fish from the temperature and quality of the water to the feed used. Any one thing going off a fraction could potentially mean a lower quality yield or the loss of the entire batch. This is why fish breeders are detailed people, keeping an eagle eye out for the slightest problem that could mean trouble. For your persistence and hard work, comes a profit that's as fat as the fish that you breed.

When you've gained confidence and you're ready to expand, you'll find a ready market worldwide. People all over the world are keen on owning their own "prize-winning" Koi or Arowana. And then, looking at your fish breeding business, you would surely believe that fish DO bring luck - and money.

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