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Pet Breeder
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any people stumble onto this lucrative side income by chance. Their pets mate and before you know it, they have a litter of puppies or kittens that they can't keep. They decide to sell them and discover that this could potentially be a lucrative business. Unless you're planning on going into it big-time, this isn't going to be a source of steady income.

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If you do decide to go into this seriously, you obviously are a pet lover and have at least some experience (in the sense your pet has produced a litter of offspring). You'll need to do your homework, finding out everything you can about your selected breeding pet. You'll obviously want to select pets that can fetch a premium price. Carefully selecting your breeding stock, you'll take proper care in your pets health and diet. Other than that, your just basically let nature take it's course. You have to learn about pet pregnancies and the possible emergencies that could occur so you'll be prepared for any incident.

Dog and cats aren't the only animals you can breed of course. Statistics show that there is a growing number of pet lovers who prefer "non-regular" pets like iguanas, lizards, snakes etc. If you're thinking of this, contact your local government wildlife agency and check with them if this is permissible. If you get the go-ahead, then this could potentially bring in big money for you. You'll need lots of space and make sure you comply with animal laws. You will not be able to run your pet breeding business from your home unless you have a very large area. Most municipalities have strict rules about animals in housing areas. Check out the regulations in your area. If you manage to arrange to supply your local pet store with your "products", you'll soon have a very lucrative business.

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