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he hunter, the fisher, or the trapper – these are all people who love the wild, the look of nature and they are going to want to have their most prized animals mounted, stuffed or cured for display in their homes or businesses for years to come. All types of animals can be cured, stuffed, mounted and protected for years to come, from the fish, snake, squirrel, moose, deer, antelope, the buffalo and the bears – with many other types in between.

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Your responsibilities will include talking to all of your customers, asking what they are expecting so that they are clear what the final piece is going to look like. You will be very busy during certain times of the year, so being able to handle multiple clients at one time will be important.

Learning and studying the different types of animals and what their prized trophies look like will be important in your ongoing business, so that you can learn more about how these animals should look in the wild, compared to your finished product that is going to be displayed on the wall. Subscribing to magazines about taxidermy is going to keep you updated in the industry about the newest methods and procedures which can often save you time

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