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Boarding House Operator
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any people who travel on long distances like to stop over at hotels and motels. They usually offer the basic conveniences for these travellers to freshen up, have a meal and spend the night. Then there are those that prefer the "home" feeling that boarding houses offer.

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If you have a home that's too large for you and your family, with lots of empty rooms, then you could start a boarding house. You will play guest to people who need to stay for a day, a week or longer. They could be tired travellers or people who just want to get away from the city. Depending on the layout of your house, you could either keep one level of your home for your family and the rest open to your guests or for that real "close family" feeling, your guests will share your entire home with your family.

Young couples with no kids or older parents whose children have moved away are often boarding house operators. It works out well because guests get home-cooked meals and hospitality and the boading house owners get company to share their otherwise quiet and lonely homes. Your boarding house could be very busy if you are located anywhere near an airport or train station or in the country along a well-travelled highway. In time, you could just find your boarding house listed on tourist maps and favorite destinations.

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