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Building Maintenance Services
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very building has its fair share of wear and tear. Light bulbs that don't work. Drains clogged. Leaking pipes. Air-conditioning that not cold. Paint peeling. The list goes on and on. While many large commercial complexes do have their own engineering and maintenance staff, a lot of buildings don't! When these services are needed, the building management would rather contact a Building Maintenance Services Specialist they know than look up a stranger from the Yellow Pages.

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You can be that person they rely on to get things fixed. Depending on the nature of the problem and the number of clients you have, you might need to hire workers to assist you. Being available 24/7 would really boost your business. A "Never Say Never, Never Say Die" attitude will give your clients the confidence that there's someone they can call when they need help. Of course, if you do run the service round the clock, you'll need a partner who will work on rotating shifts with you. You could apply different rates for services that have to be performed beyond the regular working hours but if it's a situation that needs attention urgently, your clients probably wouldn't mind paying the extra for your quality service! The extra money surely would make it worth your while.

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