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Used Parts Procurement
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ome say that computers go out of date as fast as people change their underwear - that's everyday(hopefully)! A brand new computer can easily be obsolete in 2 to 4 years. Competition in the computer industry is fierce. They are constantly in a one-up showdown with their competitors to produce the fastest, nicest, most sophicticated machines in the market. People start to realize their computers are out-of-date when they try to get a spare part and they're told the manufacturers have stopped producing them or that it's going to take a couple of weeks to track down the part! Still, may people would rather get a second-hand part than to buy a new one or to replace their computer.

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So, if your're a computer wiz who knows the specs of any computer model or if you can tell just by looking at a motherboard what model it came from, then you are going to love this business. You'll need to have a wide network of contacts or suppliers who deal with computers. You will know where and how to get parts for your customer, and then sell it to them at a marked-up price of course. Obviously with the number of computer models that exist, you can't possibly keep stock of every part for every model! As you get more experienced in this business, you will know which parts are in demand and you'll want to keep those in stock. Locating a part can be a breeze with the many auction and computer accessories websites online today.

So why would your customer come to your instead of doing a search on the Internet himself? Why for your expertise of course. You will know which part would be compatible with your customer's computer. If your customer were to do it himself, he might make mistakes and end up having to return the part and then repeat the process all over again. It can be a very frustrating and time consuming task. They'd rather rely on you to get the part and install it for them. A neat business you can run right from your home and make money in your spare time!

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