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Property Management
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any residential and commercial buildings become run-down due to a variety of reasons - low tenancy and improper management being two of the chief causes. Propery Managements is up your alley if you're someone who organized and a jack-of-all-trades.

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When you take over the management of a particular property, you basically take over every facet of the operation. Your immediate tasks would very much depend on what the building needs most. If it's improving infrastructure, then you'll have to find ways to finance it. If it's tenants not paying their rent, then you've got to get them to pay or you have not choice but to consider the unpleasant option of eviction - much as you may dislike doing it. Tenants have to be convinced that the rent collected will be ploughed back into making the building profitable again.

Getting tenants and improving the building will go hand in hand. Tenants will only move in when they see changes in the way the building is managed (that's you by the way) and when the building starts getting back it's lustre, you'll see potential tenants flocking to you! The day to day administrative functions need to be considered also - especially the financial records and compliance with local government regulations. When you've got the building profitable, then you can think of ways to make it the tenant's "preferred choice". That's money coming your way!

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