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ne of the biggest (if not THE biggest) investment anyone can make is to purchase a home. There's always a market for real estate - whether it's an apartment, house, building or just land. Because real estate is a lucrative business, it's also full of part-timers and amateurs anxious to make a quick buck. Walk into any book store and look in any paper and you will see books and ads of every kind proclaiming that you could be the next millionaire realtor.

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So what will make you different from all the other "wolves" out there preying for their next "kill"? Simple. You will be a people person. You will be a listener. You will listen to your clients and help them be clear about what their needs are. You will be sensitive to their likes and dislikes. You will symphatize and help them work around their constraints especially with regards to finance. Basically, you want your clients to feel happy with their deals. You don't want them to look back and feel that they were rushed by you into something that they now regret. A good real estate agent knows the area, current prices, the trends and knows how to match buyers and sellers.

Showing and touring hoouses, meeting clients can all be fun but you must also be someone who is good at paperwork. You definitely don't want to be that close to finalizing a deal to have it all screwed up by shoddy paperwork. So if you can handle all that's been said, yes you COULD be the next millionaire realtor!

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