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Real Estate Appraiser
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eal estate is a multi billion dollar industry. People buy, sell, rent and refinance apartments, houses, condominiums and land everyday. If you're not directly involved in real estate, it's easy to be lost in the jungle of real estate terms and numbers. What people basically DON'T want is to sell their property for too little or buy for too much. Having said that, it's crucial that the property concerned be valued and that's why appraisers are required.

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Appraisers play a major part in the housing industry so that buyers and sellers alike will have a fair transaction. To be a licensed or certified appraiser, you will be to comply with the appropriate regulations governing this profession in your country. State licenses and fees may need be paid stating you have been educated in the appraisal field before you can become a licensed appraiser.

Your responsibilities would include estimating the value of the home compared to similar homes in or around this area. Taking photographs of the home for files, valuing the home for the bank or insurance company and appraising the value of homes that have been lost to disaster. When you have a reputation for sound judgement and unbiased estimation, people will be queuing up for your services.

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