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Creative Balloon / Gift Service
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veryone loves a surprise. More so if the surprise is a gift from someone they love. These days, gifts and gift-giving are only limited by one's imagination. There are even flowers enclosed in balloons, gifts inside balloons, balloon with messages - anything that's unique sells. Your range of gifts can cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. While budget may be a criteria, most customers would not mind paying extra for a cretive and unique gift.

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If you're someone who oozes with creativity and you love crafting, then you could make a bundle running a Creative Gift Service. You have basically a few options in how to run this business. If you're just a part-timer, then you could run your business from home, marketing your service to your friends, colleagues and your neighbourhood. You'll need to have a catalogue of your creative gift packages when customers visit you. If you're planning to open a shop, then a small area will suffice for a start. You'll need to stock up with colorful, unique gifts and cards and samples of your finished product. It makes it easier for customers to pop by your shop if you're located somewhere shoppers frequent - your local mall or marketplace. How you charge basically depends on the cost of the gift and whether delivery is required.

As an addition to your shop, you'll want to consider creating a website that allows people to order via the Internet. This would truly make your business global but you'll need to state clearly if you do not deliver beyond your state or outside your country. You'll find that your unique ideas will quickly be copied by your competitors so you've got to stay ahead of the pack and constantly create new gift ideas. Your clients keep coming back because they know you're always fresh with ideas!

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