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Bicycle / Skates Rental
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hat better way to enjoy the local sights of a tourist spot (espcially if it's an island) than to ride a bicycle? You'll feel the wind in your face, the sun shining on you as you race along the beach roads, making detours to check out interesting places? You get an entertaining way to spend the day and you're getting exercise as well!

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If you live near a tourist spot, like to meet people and you love bicycles and wheely stuff, then why not go into the Bicycle / Skates Rental Business? Tourist will find cycling a much more relaxing alternative to walking especially if they have a long way to go. You'll need to know a thing or two about keeping your bikes in good working condition as you'll probably need to have dozens of them to cater to your customers. You might even invest in a couple of tandem bikes (you know ... bicycles meant for two) for couples and families. All in all, during the tourist season or weekends, you'll be pretty busy attending to customers and helping them out with directions so you'll probably need an extra pair of hands to attend to the minor adjustments each bike will need to suit each customer. You don't want someone riding a bike with the seat so high that his foot can't reach the ground. That's a sure way for accidents to happen!

For the more adventurous and athletic, you'll have alternative modes of transport like skates and roller blades. Mind you though, the wheels on skates will take a beating on the roads so you'll need to take replacement parts into account in your rental fee. Putting your telephone number on every bike will help in case your customers need assistance (flats can happen anywhere). It's best if you take down your customers details and make sure they pay a refundable deposit in case the bikes go out but never come back.

This is a great weekend business for someone energetic and loves meeting people. You'll also be contributing to the tourism industry. With every rental, you'll be peddling to the bank with extra money!

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