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Bungee Jumping Instructor
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ome people mean it when they ask you to take a leap off a high building! Some people make it a point to do it often. According to those that have done it, bungee jumping is THE ultimate adrenaline rush! Many people these days list bungee jumping as one of the things they must experience at least once in their life.

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If you're an athletic, outdoors type kind of person, and you love meeting people, this is a great way to give people the thrill of their lives and make a buck at it! You'd most likely be a frequent bungee jumper yourself or at least you've done it enough times to qualify as a "bungee fanatic". You'll need to set up someplace where extreme sports fans (and maybe thrill seekers) are likely to gather. If you're located off a cliff or over a lake or river, make sure you've gotten the appropriate government approvals. Then you'll need to invest in quality equipment. Remember this is a sport with risks and people can get hurt if you use sub-standard equipment. You'll need to make sure your assistants are also qualified, fit and reliable people. Get the necessary insurance coverage to protect your customers and yourself in the event of unexpected accidents.

Even though you're selling fun, this is not an activity for the weak-hearted so you'd best make sure your customer sign some sort of disclaimer before they go leaping off into thin air! Obviously as you become known for safety and reliability, more people will come forward to make their dreams come through and go jump off a cliff!

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