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Party Planner
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verybody loves to party! Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or graduation party, a million and one things need to be considered before the actual party day from the choice of caterers to the choice of entrees to the dress code on that special day. The truth be told, many people just don't have the "skill" to plan a really good party.

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A party planner needs to be creative, energetic, loves organizing and gets along well with all kinds of people. You'll need to be in-tune with 4 year old Maggie who wants Tweety bird to be at the party to 16 year old Stuart who wants a rad rock band playing at his. Most importantly, you'll know that it's Daddy who's paying the bill and how to walk the tight-rope of compromise. Come that big night, you'll be the one who's in charge of everything and you'll be the one everyone runs to when something screws up and it surely will.

Your ideas for party themes will be as diverse as the people who come to you, so you'll need to be someone who knows how to put everything on paper or you'll have people staring at you, lost. Every cool party will be testimony to your planning skills and you'll be sure when it's time for Grandma's birthday bash, and she's asking for a big-band theme, you'll be the first one they think of calling. On with the show!

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