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Sight Seeing Excursions
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verybody loves to visit and learn about interesting sites and places. If you live somewhere interesting, or near a tourist destination, then you'll probably be able to organize sight-seeing excursions. Most people will pay you to show them around the area, paying particular attention to places or sights with a historical or interesting background. You might want to consider themed excursions to learn about local interest such as historical sights or tropical fruits and plants.

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It's important that you know what you're talking about. Read up on everything there is to know about the place you're taking your visitors. People don't just want to be transported to the place and left to figure things out for themselves. They're paying you to learn about where they're at, what makes the place so special, which famous person went there and well.... everything there is to know!

It's important that you love meeting people and you love the things and places that you're taking people to see. Otherwise, you won't be able to maintain a level of enthusiasm and ingite that "spark" in your visitors. People will quickly avoid your tours if you turn out to be a bore. As long as they are in your tour, they are your guests and you'll need to be attentive to their questions no matter how ridiculous they may seem. If helps if you have public speaking experience and know how to project your voice over the sounds of busy streets. A good sight-seeing excursion organizer will always see repeat business and may even be officially listed as one of the local tourist attractions. That's going to keep you pretty busy and keep the money coming in.

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