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Travel Agent
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his is a great business for someone who enjoys travelling and helping others plan their vacations and business trips. Unless you're investing a lot in this enterprise and setting up a few branches, you might find it easier for a start to be affiliated to a larger agency. This is especially so in terms of advertising and promotions. People will naturally go to more established agencies because they believe that they are more professional and have the resources to make their travel plans. So, even though you may come from a travel background it may be best to go with the flow and be affiliated to a larger agency while you build your reputation and network. After all, you'll need all the backing resources of your affiliated agency to compete with the big online services.

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Large companies usually will have their regular agency to handle their travel needs and they will usually delegate the planning to someone in their organization. Starting out as an independent operator, it's crucial that you build a relationship with small to medium sized companies in your area. You will act as their travel planner, locating the best prices for travel tickets and hotel stays. You'll keep in constant touch with your clients in case there are changes to their flight schedule which will affect their itinerary.

As your business grows, you will travel frequently to network and establish your agency. That's free travel (under company expense) but you'll keep in mind that your job is to network and promote your agency. When you include tranportation and tour agencies in your network, they will benefit from assignments given by you and they will in turn promote you to their potential customers. Pretty soon, you may be one of the big boys, and other travel agents will want to be affiliated to you but don't kid yourself - you'll need to log miles and miles of hard work to get there.

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