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Freelance Computer Programmer
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hat would this world be without computer programs? They take seconds to complete a task that would take a human weeks! Like it or not, we rely on computer programs everyday to help us do our jobs, communicate and do business. And who writes these computer programs? A very special type of person indeed.

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A computer programmer is someone who lives and breathes computer code. They can sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end, seemingly lost in their own world. They are, actually - lost in a world of syntax and logic. As a computer programmer, you will be writing code for all sorts of programs from small application modules to major accounting softwares. A truly good computer programmer rarely needs to look for work - they are head-hunted by companies for their skills.

Good computer programmers can command huge salaries if they choose to work full time with a company, but top-notch ones will prefer to freelance or work on contract basis. That way, they're free to work on their own pet project or state-of-the-art software that will make them millions of dollars. Freelance computer programmers are also highly sought as trainers. Many do both, freelancing as programmers and trainers. Even a small utility program, if marketed well, can earn you tons of money! Look at what happened to a nerdy chap named Bill Gates and his small operating system!

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