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Boat Rental / Sales
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or many water lovers, the summer months bring the opportunity to indulge in their love of sailing, boating or just fishing. To do that they'll need to have a boat. If you live near a body of water - lake, bay or ocean, and you're a water lover yourself, then you might want to give the Boat Leasing / Sales business a try.

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You'll be someone with a background in sailing and will have an extensive knowledge of boats and ships and what makes each model different. You'll carry several styles of boats for people with differing budgets. Speaking you your customer and listening to their needs, you'll then suggest a model that suits what they want to do be it cruising, skiing, scuba diving or just fishing.

If you have a couple of existing boats available, then you could lease your boats to customers who may just need a boat for just a day or a few weeks. You'll want to make sure your boats are sea-worthy and fully equipped for emergencies. This includes everything from first aid kits to fully working radio to life-jackets. Make sure your customers understand the basics about operating the boat and know what to do in case of emergencies. You'll want your customers to sign a disclaimer to ensure that you cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injury as a result of their actions on the boat. Of course, you'll want to be covered by insurance for any unexpected damages to your boats and also for any injuries to your customers.

All in all, this is a good business especially if you're in a tropical country where there are no winter months. Your boats will then be operational all year round and that means money sailing to you all year!

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