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Jetski / Ski Rental
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ust visit any seaside or beach resort and you'll likely see people zipping around in jetskis. It's great fun. You feel the spray of water on your face as you ride in the sun and surf. The past years have seen an increase in the number of jetskis being sold as its popularity increases.

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You'll love this business if you're someone who enjoys being around water and you love the sun and sea. You must also be someone who loves the thrill of water sports. You'll need to get the approval of the management of the beach hotel where you intend to set up your rental. If it's a public beach, you may have to get government approval before you set up shop. Most beaches have strict regulations and restrict the use of jetskis to specific areas. This is to for the safety of swimmers because while jetskis are fun to ride, they move very quickly and are lethal if used improperly. Jetskis come as single or double seaters and you will need to adjust your rates accordingly. Hourly rates work best. Ski rental may require additional investment unless you already own a speedboat. If you don't, then you'll either need to hire help to run this or you could partner with a couple of friends who already own a speedboat.

You'll need to provide the necessary safety equipment like life jackets. Briefing your customers before they set off is crucial. Customers will need to abide by the guidelines while using your machines. Failure to do so can result in injury and lawsuits. You want your customers to have fun, but you also want them to do it safely. If you're in a tropical country, money will be zipping your way as your equipment are constantly being rented out. Nice way to make money while getting a tan!

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