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Extreme Sports Park
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ears ago, there was no collective term for doing bicycle, skateboard and roller blade tricks and the many more thrilling acts that have come to be known today as extreme sports. It's a wonderful thing though. Extreme sports have given many youngsters who would otherwise have wasted their time, something to look forward to, to be good at and to make a living at. Today, extreme sports even has its own World Championships and a huge fan base.

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This business isn't one that you can run at home. You'll need lots of space and lots of equipment. Your initial investment could be quite substantial unless you're able to find sponsors. Skateboard and bike ramps need to be precision built for safety of your customers. So will rock climbing walls if you intend to offer this activity in your park. Then there's the need to hire qualified hands to oversee your customers.

You'll need to think big for this business. Location is important. You'll want to be located somewhere busy with lots of people movement to attract customers and first-timers but you'll also want to balance that with reasonable rental. To promote your park, you might consider working with your local youth organizations and government agencies to hold sporting events or family days at your park. For truly wide exposure, try to get a deal to organize your local extreme sports championship and get the local media to report it.

There's going to be a constant need to promote your park and extreme sports in general, but the rewards are great. As you sweat it out, your park will soon see a growing number of visitors and your bank account will be doing high jumps and triple loops!

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